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Looking for a quick lunch of soup, salad or a sandwich? Perhaps an exquisite vegetarian meal? Or is tonight a time for multiple dishes, contrasting flavors, varied textures and exotic ingredients? Perhaps something healthy and “lite?”

While Vietnamese food has long been appreciated in France, the former colonial power, U.S. residents are only beginning to discover its many fine features. Vietnamese chefs like to refer to their cooking as “the cuisine of Asia.” And indeed, with the heavy reliance on rice, wheat and legumes, abundance of fresh herbs and vegetables, minimal use of oil, and treatment of meat as a condiment rather than a main course, Vietnamese food has to be among the healthiest on the planet.

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Best Asian Cuisine Reviews Bistro B

Great little place. Sister location to the one in Dallas, nestled in amongst Asian-centric shops, in our local Asian market. Social distancing involved. Delicious food. 500 ITEM MENU!!!

Brandon S

Best Asian Cuisine Reviews Bistro B

Really good sandwiches and great Vietnamese food. The menu listing is huge. Prices were very reasonable. The caramelized Goby Fish is a unique southern Vietnamese dish not commonly found in the U.S. Fried whole grouper is another favorite.

James Z

Best Asian Cuisine Reviews Bistro B

Bistro never fails me! The pho is always good, I am obsessed with the grilled pork vermicelli noodle bowl, the spring rolls are huge! The Bahn mi is BOGO so it’s always a nice treat afterwards. Everything is reasonably priced and the portions are huge. Service is great and the restaurant is always clean. I highly recommend!

Sara B

Best Asian Cuisine Reviews Bistro B

I love Bistro B because the food is always made fresh to order. There is a wide selection that’s sure to please all taste buds. My favorites are the com tam dishes (the pork one is fantastic) and the beef vermicelli bowl. Also, make sure you try their endless selection of pho. They are soooooooo good!

Jose B

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